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Protect your car in style with In The Garage’s weatherproof outdoor car cover storage solutions. The Outdoor Car Shield sets up in minutes and guarantees nothing touches your car. Continuous filtered airflow reduces condensation keeping your vehicle dryer, safe and clean.  UV, fire, cold and heat resistant.

We would strongly recommend that protective matting is placed under the car shield to avoid any unwanted wear to the base. Also avoid any sharp surfaces without adequate protection e.g. on stoned driveways

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery


Outdoor Car Bubble Cocoon Storage Features

Easy to Use. Outdoor car bubble cocoon storage cover that sets up in minutes. No scratch nylon zippers open and close in seconds

Stylish and Strong

  • Heavy duty PVC panels protect your vehicle from inclement weather
  • All PVC material means no metal touches your vehicle

Peace of Mind

  • All year round weatherproof outdoor car cover
  • Protection from rain, falling debris, rust, dust, rodents, mould, dents & kids
  • UV, fire, cold and heat resistant (SGS Testing, ISO Standards)
  • Keeps your vehicle clean & safe
  • Ultimate storage solution for your investment
  • 2 year warranty*

Sleek & Powerful

  • Powerful fan system ensures continuous airflow
  • Streamline design minimises space used


What Size?

In The Garage - Outdoor Car Cover Cocoon

Outdoor Car Bubble Cocoon

Unless otherwise specified, below is valid for all Shield and Ultimate Shield products

  1. Measure the longest external points of your vehicle.  Consider antennae, exhaust pipes, side mirrors, accessories such as roof racks, etc.
  2. Add about 16 inches (40cm) to the Length and Width and 8 inches (20cm) to the Height. These are the minimum interior measurements of the Shield.
  3. Car/Bike Shields: Width measurements are taken from the floor footprint. Since the Shield expands “at the waist” there about 8 inches (20cm) of tolerance
  4. Ultimate Car/Bike Shields:  There needs to be a minimum of 1 foot (30cm) from the fan behind the device to allow for the circulation of air and the pump connection
  5. For the “Ultimate” line there could be a few cms / 1 inch variation based on material and temperature


The Science

Weatherproof outdoor car covers need to protect against condensation – not just humidity. Condensation is the main threat when storing your vehicle outside. When warmer air comes in contact with colder air such as on metal panels and glass on cars it forms condensation (moisture). This happens if there are rapid changes in temperature. By constantly moving air, In the GarageTM creates a stable environment and perfect capsule and car cocoon system with limited changes in temperature. This reduces the opportunity for condensation to occur and keeps your vehicle dryer.

Please note that in very damp weather conditions, the airflow may not be sufficient to completely avoid condensation. In high humidity and cold weather, moisture capacity in the air is reduced and the dew point is higher. When the air temperature reaches or dips below the dew point, airborne water vaper will form dew when it comes in contact with a colder surface – such as the walls or ceiling of the Car Shield.

The best ways to counter this are:

  • Open the Car Shield regularly to increase air flow in case of high humidity and cold weather. Ventilation is key.
  • Wipe down the ceiling and the walls
  • Keep the temperature inside and outside the Car Shield as stable as possible. Avoid warming the air in the Car Shield as that will increase the amount of humidity the air can hold.


Protect your Investment

The heavy-duty PVC panels protect your vehicle from inclement weather such as rain and falling debris as well as against scratches, dents, rodents and other threats to your vehicle – a great all-year round outdoor car cover. All PVC material means no metal touches your vehicle. Creates a perfect car cocoon system. The outdoor car cover is UV, fire, cold and heat resistant.


Powerful Fan Circulates Air

Powerful double fan system with an airflow rating of 380 CFM or 644 m3/hour replaces the air at least 5 times per hour


No-Scratch Zippers

High-quality 100% nylon that won’t rust or scratch your vehicle

Two-sided for better grip and easy access


Protect Your Floor

Sturdy 0.4mm PVC washable floor protects from grease, antifreeze, oil, etc.


Protected Window

A built-in window with a protective closable flap allows you to see inside without opening the Car Shield

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Additional information

Outdoor Car Shield Size

10' / 3.1m, 12' / 3.7m, 14' / 4.3m, 16' / 4.9m, 18' / 5.5m, 20' / 6.1m, 22' / 6.7m