Forge Turbo Inlet Adaptor FMITA8 – Toyota GR Yaris




The FMTIA8 is the new turbo inlet adaptor for the Toyota Yaris GR. Throughout the development process Forge have strived to improve the efficiency and performance of the Yaris GR’s engine and for this product they felt they would offer the whole inlet pipe work as one complete package. FMTIA8 consists of a billet machined turbo adaptor, two 5 ply silicone hoses and mandrel bent alloy hard pipe.

Each of these components have been designed to provide the turbo with a smooth and free flowing path thus creating the highest possible flow rate. When you compare FMTIA8 to the OEM pipe work it is clear to see all the restrictions from the OEM configuration have been removed, especially at the critical area where the inlet tract meets the turbo increasing the size from 48mm to 63mm diameter. They have also eliminated the ribbed areas and noise chambers with the goal to create the smoothest possible air flow to the turbo.

It’s designed in a similar way to a conventional velocity stack by routing the air more directly into your turbo charger and allows more air to be compressed due to its larger capacity, this can have a positive effect on acceleration after long deceleration or in between gear changes due to more air being kept within the intake system.

Testing showed progressive gains throughout the rev range. On average, gains of 4-5 bhp have been achieved with up to 10lbft of torque. These figures can vary depending on the tune calibration and various other modifications.

FMTIA8 has been designed and developed to work with the OEM airbox as after testing many other options we found that the original airbox works extremely well especially when adding FMINLD1, the new carbon inlet duct to aid in keeping inlet air temps lower for longer while using on track.

The turbo inlet adaptor and high flow inlet pipe has a capacity of more than 53% over the stock item. Not only will you notice the increased performance but a slight change in your engine acoustics can also be heard. As with all Forge Motorsport products they offer a no quibble lifetime guarantee on both the silicone hose and billet adaptor.

A commonly asked question is will this fit with an aftermarket intake? the answer is yes it will fit other manufacturers intakes and fits to the original airbox.

  • Manufactured from 6082 aerospace grade aluminium.
  • CNC machined turbo adaptor, hose joiner’s and pipe bracket
  • Black anodised for ultimate protection and durability.
  • Increased capacity
  • No engine check lights (EML)
  • Increased air flow
  • These hoses are suitable to be used with either modern long-life coolants, Organic Acid Technology coolants (O.A.T.) or air containing oil mist.
  • The construction of the hoses has been engineered to exceed that of the OEM fitments, and will enhance any engine bay both technically and aesthetically
  • Lifetime warranty

TheTTE500 turbochargeris a hybrid upgrade meaning it uses a mixture of the original turbocharger with optimised parts. By replacing components which were mass produced by Toyota to reduce costs, you can get more power out of your Yaris GR. It creates a larger diameter for greater gas flow, reducing back pressure and lowering exhaust gas temperatures, meaning you can run higher boost levels. With the original cast compressor wheel being swapped for a far larger and more efficient billet wheel it delivers more air compression, and due to it being extremely light it gives a fast spool speed for the size. The compressor cover is also milled to create an optimum gap to the new compressor profile, along with CNC milled turbine housing and larger lightweight TTE turbines with upgraded bearing.

TTE have ran extensive testing with FMTIA8 and their upgraded turbo, producing results of 450+ HP. If you would like to read further about the TTE upgraded turbocharger, click here

The Forge Motorsport turbo inlet adaptor has been specifically designed to smoothly force air into the TTE500 turbo upgrade from your choice of airbox/intake.

This turbo inlet adaptor will fit other hybrid turbos if they have a bore size 51.25.

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