Newman 246/396 PH1/2 Road Cam – R53 MINI


Newman PH 1/2 Cam

For R52, R53 Mini Cooper S & JCW Only

Ideal for Road Use

Developed for the supercharged Mini Cooper S engine which gives good increase in mid range torque without affecting tick over

Due to the product being made to order, delays may occur. We will contact you directly if an extended lead time (14+ days) is unavoidable


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Newman cams can offer a large increase in both BHP and torque throughout the rev range and are an essential item when wanting to increase the power of your BMW MINI

Fitting a camshaft is a very cost effective way of increasing the power of your MINI, as it allows the valves to stay open much longer in comparison to the factory fitted cam, allowing more air and fuel to enter the cylinder resulting in an overall increase in power.

With this cam a remap is advised but not strictly necessary.

  • Increased Horse Power
  • Increased Throttle Response
  • Up to 18bhp increase depending on additional car mods


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