AIRTEC Turbo Induction Hose ATMSBMW13 – BMW N55




AIRTEC Turbo Induction Hose ATMSBMW13 – BMW N55 M135i, M235i, M2, 335i, 435i

Designed to directly replace the OEM pipe, this silicone hose offers increased flow and capacity.

By reducing restriction within the induction system, air flow improves and potential power increases can be released.

Made from high-quality silicone by Pro Hoses, the induction hose features a 59mm internal diameter, which is an increase of 13.5% compared to the original 52mm dimeter. The pipe incorporates an 85mm CNC machined adaptor to match either the standard pipe or induction kit. It also comes with CNC machined PVC take off, which will not go brittle and potentially snap like OEM plastic one.

This hose is carefully engineered to be a direct replacement item, which ensures a simple DIY installation process.

Finished in gloss black, the hose is suitable to work with both standard and hybrid turbos.


1 Series F20/F21 M135i(x) (2011-2015)
2 Series F22/F23 M235i(x) (2014-2016)
3 Series F30/F31/F34 335i(x) (2011-2015)
4 Series F32/F33/F36 435i(x) (2013-2016)
M2 F87 LCI N55 (2016-2017)


  • Improved air flow for increased power
  • Overall increase in internal volume
  • Simple DIY installation
  • Direct replacement
  • Enhanced induction sound



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