Forge Top Mount Intercooler FMMININT – R52 / R53 MINI Cooper S & JCW


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At Autosport 2005, Forge were proud to release their uprated Intercooler for the BMW MINI Cooper S. After a comprehensive development program involving thorough testing in various environments, they are convinced that you will not find a superior Intercooler for this application.

The Forge development program included the use of many types of Intercooler core and end tank designs. At the initial stages they ran two development projects alongside each other, one an air to air Intercooler and the other an air to water Chargecooler system.

The air to air development achieved significantly improved temperature reductions in comparison, which convinced them to solely concentrate on this option. At each stage of development, testing was conducted using a vehicle in various states of tune. (With and without, performance software, supercharger reduction pulleys, bonnet scoops and performance air intake systems).

With this Intercooler offering up to a 29% reduction over the original equipment, it is a must for those wishing to increase engine power.