AIRTEC Aluminium Radiator ATRADFO13 – MK2 Ford Focus RS & ST225




AIRTEC Aluminium Radiator ATRADFO13 – MK2 Ford Focus RS & ST225

The Focus ST & RS Models have been massively popular and tuning of these fast Fords have been taken to amazing new levels. Unfortunately, the cooling radiator has always been a weak point, this is where are AIRTEC aluminium radiator comes into play.

Now using a 40mm core, but due to its size AIRTEC needed to make the fitting more adjustable. They opted for adjustable billet lower locating pegs, these help position & fitting at the same time stop twisting of the radiator while trying to fit.



  • All aluminium construction with a 40mm core compared to Ford’s 30mm core & still thicker than most aftermarket radiators
  • Reduce coolant temperatures by 10-15 degrees mainly down to its 40mm core, a must for track day enthusiasts
  • Welded End Tanks compared to weak Ford crimped plastic end tanks that have been proven to leak on modified cars
  • Adjustable lower billet studs, these can help fitting with big boost pipe kits & aftermarket intercoolers – only found on AIRTEC radiators.
  • Original fans fit as standard
  • Air-con radiator fits onto AIRTEC rad with neat machined fitting blocks
  • Now fits with all makes of intercoolers AIRTEC Motorsport RS Stage 1 & 2, ST Stage 1,2,3 & 4, Radtec, Pace, & Pro-Alloy only.



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Focus RS 09 Onwards, Focus ST225 05 Onwards