AIRTEC RS Style Crossover Pipe ATMSFO136 – MK2 Ford Focus ST225



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AIRTEC RS Style Crossover Pipe ATMSFO136 – MK2 Ford Focus ST225

AIRTEC Motorsport is proud to launch their RS-style crossover pipe for the Mk2 Focus ST 225, suitable for track or fast road use.


The Challenge

AIRTEC are always eager to develop parts and products that cater for customer’s needs and with interest shown to produce an RS-style intake pipe that crosses over the top of the engine instead of working around it to reduce restriction and improve sound, response as well as under bonnet looks.


The Solution

Designed to exclusively to fit the ST model but in a similar style to the incredibly popular Mk2 Focus RS enlarged crossover pipe, this direct replacement pipe offers a shorter and simpler path from the air filter to the turbo inlet.

Whereas the original ST intake pipework deviates from 80mm down to 70mm through a series of bends, including a harsh 90-degree turn. AIRTEC’s RS-style pipe measures 76mm throughout the entire length and removes the restrictive 90-degree bend. It also allows the fitment of the huge Focus RS Group A filter; which is the largest filter on offer, whilst retaining the original MAF sensor, so there is no need to adjust the ECU calibration.

Made from high quality aluminium, it is offered in either Motorsport brushed silver or powder coated black finishes and features a laser cut AIRTEC Motorsport plaque. The comprehensive kit also includes a Pro Hoses silicone connector and all fixtures and fittings, which makes installation a simple task.

Available with optional vacuum pipe (highly recommended) that reroutes to suit the new intake pipe layout correctly. 


  • Increase in overall internal diameter
  • Removes restrictive 90-degree bend
  • Improves response and sound
  • RS-style improved appearance
  • Direct replacement fitment
  • Made from high quality aluminium
  • Retains original MAF sensor
  • Optional rerouted vacuum line
  • Available in Motorsport brushed silver or powder coated black finishes
  • Includes all fixtures and fittings
  • Features detailed fitting guide



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Additional information


Natural Silver, Pro Series Black

ECU Holder

2 Piece ECU Holder Required, No ECU Holder Required

Vac Pipe Extension

With, Without