FUJI Racing Supreme 2.1 92.5mm Stroker Pistons – Subaru


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FUJI Racing Supreme 2.1 92.5mm Stroker Pistons – Subaru


JE Pistons are the industry leader in high-performance forged pistons. JE’s performance and quality is the result of decades of experience gained working with elite engine builders and racers from almost all types of motorsports. JE controls every step of their manufacturing process, designing, forging, and machining all their pistons 100% in-house in their USA manufacturing facility.


The Fuji/JE Supreme Series pistons are the most technically advanced pistons on the market today and packed with loads of features. Each supreme piston has a thermal barrier crown coating which helps reduce heat soak into the piston. Accumulator grooves to reduce ring ‘flutter’ at high RPM. Heavy duty ring lands for high boost & cylinder pressure. JE’s revolutionary aligned grain flow technology forging, this helps increase strength but keeping the weight down. Thick wall wrist pins for high boost applications. ‘Perfect Skirt Coating’ reduces friction and piston slap and the best part of all they offer lateral gas ports for the top combustion ring to increase piston ring seal. All of these features come standard on the Ultra/Supreme pistons.

Technical Details
Bore Diameter 92.5mm
Compression Height 1.209″/30.7086mm
Dish Volume -15.3cc
Compression Ratio with 49.5cc Cylinder Heads 8.3:1
Compression Ratio With 48cc Cylinder Heads 8.5:1
Wrist Pin Material 9310 Steel
Piston Material 2618
Average Weight 363g Each



Suitable for the following models:

  • All EJ20 Motors Using 79mm (EJ25) Crankshaft & 130.5mm Con Rod length

Please Note: Cylinders will need to be machined to accept these new pistons

  • 4 x Supreme 92.5mm Pistons
  • 4 x Heavy Duty Wrist Pins
  • 1 x Proseal Piston Ring Set
  • 8 x Snap Ring Wrist Pin Clips
  • 1 x Data Sheet



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