Pro Hoses Boost Hoses PH/BOSFO23 – Ford Escort RS Turbo S1




Ford Escort RS Turbo Silicone Boost Hoses PH/BOSFO23

S1 RS Turbo Silicone Boost pipes

Full set of 4 – comes with dump valve outlet and optional dump valve blanking plug if you don’t have dump valve to fit.

Full set of four quality Pro Hoses boost pipes.

Made by Pro Hoses


Gloss Black, Race Red, Performance Blue hoses are normally kept in stock.

Please Note: Other colour hoses, made to order so please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


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Additional information

Hose Colour

Bright Yellow, Frozen White, Gloss Black, Grey, Kawasaki Green, Orange, Performance Blue, Purple, Race Red, Vivid Pink

Blanking Plug

WITH Dump Valve Blanking Plug, WITHOUT Dump Valve Blanking Plug