FUJI Racing 2.1 FSR Stroker High Compression Kit – Subaru


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FUJI Racing 2.1 FSR Stroker High Compression Kit – Subaru


Power, Torque, Strength, and Reliability. These are all benefits of Fuji Racing’s 2.1 Stroker kits.

When thinking of purchasing any engine components it becomes vital that you make your choices wisely. Building a new engine, or rebuilding your existing engine is something you should only need to do once. Therefore, it’s important that you use components that are fit for your purpose and will provide you with a solid foundation in which to increase power further down the line. With Fuji Racing stroker kits, they offer just that and more.

The FSR stroker kits come complete with the Fuji FSR 2618 grade high compression pistons, available in 92, 92.5 & 93mm depending on your needs. This kit also comes with the Pro Street H Beam conrod set along with OEM Subaru 79mm Nitride crankshaft & ACL Race Bearings



Compression ratios & cc are estimated using 0.6mm compressed thickness head gaskets, 0.03 piston crown to deck height clearance & 48cc combustion chamber size

92mm Pistons with -6.4cc dish – 2100cc
92.5mm pistons with -7cc dish – 2123cc
93mm pistons with -7.5cc disc – 2145cc

Compression ratio 9.95:1


Suitable for the following models:

  • All Subaru EJ20 Turbo Engines

Please Note: Early closed deck blocks will need converting to rear thrust and pistons will need to be machined for oil squirter clearance.

  • 4x FSR 2618 Stroker Pistons & Rings
  • 4x Pro Street H Beam Conrods
  • 1x Subaru 79mm Nitride Crankshaft
  • 1x ACL Race Rear Thrust Main Bearing Set
  • 1x ACL Race Big End Bearing Set



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Piston Type

0.50 Oversize Pistons, 1.00 Oversize Pistons, STD Size Pistons